Most Popular Full Forms List

Most Popular Full Forms List

Here, is the list of most popular full forms. We use them in our daily life without really knowing What They Stand For. 

For example,  Have you ever wonder what your beloved movie theatre PVR really stands for?

What is the full form of MRF, PAN, PNR and lot more?

From a technology standpoint, Can you remember the full form of USB from your computer class in school?


Let’s understand the most popular full forms!

#1.PVR Cinemas – Priya Village Roadshow

#2. BMW – Bavarian Motor Works

#3. JCB – Joseph Cyril Bamford

#4. MRF – Madras Rubber Factory

#5. SUV – Sport Utility Vehicle

#6. SIM – Subscriber Identity Module.

#7. USB – Universal Serial Bus.

#8. ICICI – Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation of India

Most Commonly Used Full Forms

#9. HDFC – Housing Development Finance Corporation.

#10. CEAT – CAvi Elettrici E Affini Torino

#11. NASA – National Aeronautics And Space Administration

#12. CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

#13. NDTV – New Delhi Television

#14. NOIDA- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

#15. IELTS- International English Language Testing System

#16. LKG- Lower Kindergarten

#17. UKG- Upper Kindergarten

#18. OPD- Outpatient Department

#19. IBM – International Business Machine Corporation.

#20. PDF – Portable Document Format.

21. AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

22. AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Sciences

23. APEC: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

24. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access


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