Learn Laravel Framework – Best Laravel Tutorial for Beginners!

Best Laravel Tutorial for Beginners



Laravel Tutorial for Beginners
Laravel Tutorial for Beginners

Laravel is PHP based free, open-source web development MVC framework for developers, created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. We have designed a step by step Laravel Tutorial for Beginners.

Nowadays, Laravel framework has become the first choice of web developers and web development companies. Then, it becomes essential for web developers to master the basics of Laravel and practice with live project.

Laravel is very simple, robust and has gained great popularity in Web application development among web artisans.

The Latest version of Laravel is 5.8. 

You can use the following Laravel artisan commands to check the installed version of Laravel framework:

            $php artisan --version
     Output - Laravel Framework version 5.8

This Laravel Tutorial for Beginners is a one-stop guide to understand Laravel core concepts with examples.

Chapter1 Laravel Framework Overview
Chapter2 Laravel Request Lifecycle
Chapter3 Laravel Routing Tutorial

Chapter4 Laravel Artisan Commands
Chapter5 Laravel Middleware Tutorial
Chapter6 Laravel Routing Tutorial

Chapter7 Laravel Blade Template
Chapter8 Laravel Database Handling
Chapter9 Laravel Collections

Chapter10 Laravel Validation Rules
Chapter11 Laravel Authentication Tutorial
Chapter12 Laravel Lumen Microservices

Chapter13 Laravel Model
Chapter14 Laravel Packages
Chapter15 Laravel CSRF Protection


Who can read the Laravel Tutorial Guide for Beginners?

If you have prior development experience in any other web development framework like Ruby on Rails, Code Igniter, etc, then it would be very easy to transit to the new framework. You need not learn all about “What MVC framework is?” or “How MVC frameworks work?”.

Trust me, Laravel’s simple, clean and robust framework will make your journey enjoyable throughout the development of any type of Web application. Nowadays, Laravel can be used to develop any type of web application ranging from simple Websites to eCommerce or cloud-based web portal.

The source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the terms of MIT License.

The sole purpose of this Complete Laravel Guide is to provide developers with high-level knowledge and practical examples to learn and master all about Laravel development in quite a simple manner.

Laravel has a great community of worldwide developers who are always open to help each other.
If you think that something you are looking about Laravel is not available here, please do visit the Laravel detailed documentation here.


List of important Web abbreviations:

MVC            –  Model, View, and Control
WAMP          –  Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
PHP             –  Personal Home Page
DBMS          –  Database Management System
SQL             –  Structured Query Language
MySQL         –  My Structured Query Language
ORM            – Object Relational Mapper
Apache        –  Apache HTTP Server
HTTP           – HyperText Transfer Protocol
CRUD          – Create, Read, Update and Delete
CSRF           – Cross-Site Request Forgery
HTML          – HyperText Markup Language
CSS             – Cascading Style Sheets
JSON           – JavaScript Object Notation
URL             – Uniform Resource Locator
XML            – Extensible Markup Language
API             – Application Programming Interface
UI               – User Interface

Laravel Latest updates can be found here.

End Notes!

If you follow the above step by step laravel tutorial guide, you will master all the fundamental concepts. This guide would also help to crack the Laravel developer interview.

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