Why do we even grow up ?

Why do we even grow up ?
Why do we even grow up ?

Why do we even grow up?

My parents live in India. They came to visit me in the US in Aug 2014 for the first time.  I had to take them out somewhere almost every evening because they felt bored sitting at home all day.

On one of those evenings, we were walking down a street in the city after having a cup of coffee.

I and my father were both wearing Turbans. I trim my beard but my father keeps a long beard. He is an Amritdhari  (a baptized Sikh). So definitely we were the odd men out from the rest of the crowd.

As we were walking, we saw an American blonde mother with a child walking behind her. The child was probably 2 to 3 years old and he was walking behind her mother.

My father seemingly wanted to do the same. In this whole process, the mother never looked at us. She kept walking slowly as if she didn’t notice anything. I knew the reason why she was hesitant to interact with us. It was definitely because we looked different than a normal Americans.

But the kid didn’t know that we were different people, he probably thought we were the same as him so he wanted to play with us or maybe spend time with us. I noticed that the mother was not so comfortable so I made a gesture to my father to keep moving. My father got it and he started walking but the kid looked at us in dismay as his mother asked him to keep moving.

As we walked away from them, the kid kept looking back at us for a long time and we also couldn’t refrain from it until they got out of sight.

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For so many days, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened that day. In fact, I still remember the exact scene and it touches me every time I think about it.

 Why do we even grow up?
Why do we even grow up?

If we look carefully at what happened, the kid did not know anything about race, color, country or any other kind of man-made boundaries and divisions. But when this kid grows up, he will get that information from the society and start behaving like us and his mother. We adults felt uncomfortable looking at each other whereas the kid did not.

So the question is who puts these things into the mind of the kids? Their mind is clean and pure when they are young, it has nothing in it. Whatever the society put in it, that may stick with them for the hole of their lives.

That incident makes me think – What if we remain like that kid for the whole life? What if we play, interact, enjoy, laugh and share what we have with everyone without any discrimination. What if we love and respect everyone regardless of their faith, color, race, origin etc. like that kid?

What if we did remain like that kid for the whole life?

Why can’t we be more accepting than rejecting?

I will not grow


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