Ultimate Laravel Nova Tutorial

Ultimate Laravel Nova Tutorial

Laravel Nova Tutorial

                                                   Laravel Nova Tutorial


This Laravel Nova Tutorial will help you learn the basic concepts of Nova.

Laravel Framework has gained great success in the field of web development, deployment, and web services for mobile applications. Taylor Otwell has created Laravel Echosystem to build, deploy, and test a web application using various tools. Nova is a powerful administration tool for building Admin Panels and Custom CMS’s. 

Let’s quickly head over to understand Nova…

What is Laravel Nova?

Laravel Nova is a single page application built using both the Laravel framework and Vue.js platform. According to the Nova team:

” Nova is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel. We’ve sweated the small details and carefully crafted Nova to not only look great but to be a joy to work with.”

Nova is designed and developed by a Laravel team to facilitate Laravel web developers in building, deploying and managing web applications (Not only Laravel based 🙂 ).

How do you get Nova?
It’s a complete composer based, so you can install Nova on an existing Laravel installation using the composer.


Nova is comprised of two parts:

  • Nova Front-end: The front end part of Nova is a SPA (Single Page Application) developed in Vue.js, Vue Router, and Tailwind. It has very beautiful UI and customizable.


  • Nova Backend: The Nova backend is powered by Laravel which provides a set of PHP API’s to fetch data from a given source and send it to client-side for display.


In nutshell, Nova is a package which consists of a set of PHP API’s to get data from different sources and populate this data to views using Nova Vue components.

Recently Oh Dear released an open-source plugin for Nova. 

For more details refer – Introducing the Oh Dear! plugin for Nova

Features of Laravel Nova

Now that we have got a basic idea about Nova, lets head over to the important features of  Nova:

# Resource Management

The resources are an integral part of Nova. Resources in Nova corresponds to a Laravel model and makes that model accessible to the admin panel. Nova ships with a complete CRUD interface for Laravel Models. CRUD is the basic feature of Nova to create, read, update, and delete resources in the database.

# Filters

Nova filters allow developers to create PHP classes that can scope resource index queries which are enabled/disabled through the User Interface (UI). Filters are used to filter out the query results for a given value.

# Actions

Nova actions are simply PHP classes that execute a given task on a given resource or a set of resources.

# Lenses

Nova Lense feature is used to customize how the given resource will be displayed in a view.

# Authorization

Nova Authorization module leverage the existing Laravel authentication feature to authenticate any resource in the Nova application.

Refer Nova Docs @ https://nova.laravel.com/docs/2.0/installation.html.

Installation Requirements for Nova

Nova has the following requirements that you should be aware of before installation:

  • Composer
  • Laravel Framework 5.6+
  • Laravel Mix
  • Node.js & NPM

How Nova is installed?

Nova installation is very simple. Nova is installed as a simple Laravelpackage using Composer installation.

Can we install Laravel Nova into an existing Laravel Installation?

Yes. Like a Laravel package, you can install nova using PHP composer. It doesn’t affect the existing Laravel installation or code.

Web Browsers Supported by Nova

Nova supports the following browsers:

Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge

Laravel Nova Pricing

Unfortunately, Nova is not free to use it you need to first purchase a license, then download Nova zip and make installations. You first need to go to Nova Website and register for an account there. Then, to get the Nova code you need to purchase a license.

Nova Packages

Nova packages are available at Nova Packages Website

Refer https://novapackages.com/ has a great list of Laravel based Nova packages.

The Wrap Up

So, with this introductory tutorial, we have learned the basics of Laravel Nova and can start building admin panels for our Laravel based web applications.


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