Top 10 Best Online JavaScript Editor for Web Developers

Top 10 Best Online JavaScript Editor for Web Developers

Online JavaScript Editor
Online JavaScript Editor

Gone are the days when traditional source code editors or heavy IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) were used by developers to write code, compile and test the results. Setting up a development environment on the local machine (Desktop or Laptop) would require a sufficient amount of developers time. The Online JavaScript Editor would resolve all these problems on the fly.

With time, technology has changed and facilitate the life of web developers to instantly write, compile, and validate the results online.

Have you Ever been frustrated with setting up a web development environment?

Don’t Worry!

Nowadays, JavaScript has plenty of Online JavaScript editor tools for web developers. 

This article will discuss Top 10 best online JavaScript editor tools to assist developers while developing web applications using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript technologies. 

So, It is not mandatory for developers to run JavaScript code outside the browser. The Online JavaScript editor tools are most widely used by the community of opensource JavaScript developers. 

If you are a beginner to JavaScript, then I would advise you try to code in Notepad++ which help you to memorize syntax and Case sensitive functions. 


Advantages of Using Online JavaScript Editor

Before jumping to the list of online javascript editor interfaces, Lets first understand the advantages of using online javascript editor:

  1. Online JavaScript Editor allows web developers – to instantly write and run javascript code, make changes and find the bugs if any.
  2. Instantly write JS code into the web browser.
  3. No Installation Overhead
  4. Saving and Updating Code is very easy
  5. Share your code with FB, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  6. Makes Learning Easy – you quickly learn the new concepts and experiment them online.


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Now, Let’s move to the Top 10 best Online JavaScript Editor tools.

Top 10 best Online JavaScript editor tools


CodePen is an Online JavaScript Editor used for development environment by front end designers and developers. This provides the best place to build and deploy a website where developers can create code snippets creatively named “pens”, and test them. 

It follows a simple philosophy of build test and deploys code. CodePen is also referred to as an online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets.

Online JavaScript Editor
Online JavaScript Editor

#2. PlayCode

PlayCode is another powerful online javascript editor for web developers.

Following features of PlayCode:

  • Create a whole web application and publish to a domain like
  • Quickly and Easily make Frontend Experiments.
  • Quickly and Easily make Frontend Experiments.
  • Use the console to debug.
  • Use libs for javascript, CSS, like jQuery, React, Vue, etc…
  • Every change of your code will save to server
  • You will love PlayCode.
PlayCode Online JavaScript Editor
PlayCode Online JavaScript Editor

#3. SourceLiar

SourceLiar is all in one development environment in your browser. It allows developers to write code for multiple languages JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB.

Features of SourceLiar:

  • A complete code editor in your browser
  • Type less with smart autocompletion
  • Frictionless showcasing with the Public URLs
  • Power-up your project’s stack with add-ons
  • Eliminate bugs instantly
  • Fully featured Linux terminal
  • Git Integration
SourceLair Online JavaScript Editor
SourceLair Online JavaScript Editor

#4. JSFiddle

JS Fiddle falls under the category of CodePen. But, it’s slightly different from codepen. JSFiddle allows web developers to add tools and use JS frameworks.

It can be used for HTML, CSS, and JS testing. It provides an interesting feature of Ajax Simulation.

#5. PaizaCloud

PaizaCloud is browser based online IDE. Its is Browser-based web development environment for Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django, MySQL, WordPress, Java(Tomcat), PHP(LAMP), Laravel, Jupyter Notebook…

Characteristics of PaizaCloud:

  • Just open a browser, and the environment is set up in three seconds!
  • It is suitable for For those programming beginners, school teachers, or instructors…
  • With PaizaCloud Cloud IDE, open a browser and your development environment is prepared!!
  • Cross-Platform – Does not matter Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Development Environment for – LAMP, Ruby on Rails, JSP, Django, Node.js, Laravel, Go are already set up!
  • Create and publish Web Service Online

#6. CodeSandbox – Vanilla

It is an online editor tailored for web developers.

#7. JSBin

JSBin is known for collaborative coding. It allows using JavaScript frameworks such as React, TypeScript, etc.

Features of JSBin:

  • Live reload both in the editor and in full preview
  • Codecasting
  • Console
  • Full unmodified rendered view
  • Gist support: import and export
  • Debug/source mode

#8. LiveWeave

LiveWeave is the most powerful online editor for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript languages. It has capabilities of live preview with coding hints for HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery code snippets. It also allows developers to download the .zip file.


It very simple online javascript editor for web artisans.
Provides a very simple interface to write and edit code online and see the instant preview.

#10. Plunker

Plunker is another online community for creating, sharing and collaborating the web development ideas.

Features of Plunker:

  • Speed: Plunker editor is designed to load in 2 seconds
  • Real-time code collaboration
  • Complete open-source on GitHub under the MIT license
  • Fully-featured, customizable syntax editor
  • Live previewing of code changes


Now that we have discussed a great list of online javascript editor collection from different organizations. Web developers can leverage the power of these tools to quickly build web applications. Most of these online editors are used while studying and experimenting with new concepts.


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