How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?


How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts


Objective of this post is to learn the following topics:

  •     What is Drop Cap ?
  •     How they look like ?
  •     Where/When useful ?
  •     Types of drop caps ?
  •     WordPress plugin for drop cap ?
  •     Steps to add drop caps in WordPress posts ?


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I started my first blog and struggling to write beautiful posts, I was just thinking about how to make my posts more attractive for readers. Then, one of my close friend suggested me to use concept of Drop Caps in WordPress blogging posts.

I followed his suggestion and started searching for free WordPress plugins to integrate Drop caps in my posts. It was really new term for me, so it took some time to understand basic concept and steps involved to add drop Caps in WordPress posts.

So, We are writing this post to help others to have all information w.r.t drop cap at single place.


What is Drop Cap?

A Drop cap is a large CAPITAL letter at the beginning of the paragraph. From the perspective of content writing and print media, it is a styling technique using which posts are made more impressive to attract readers. In simple terms, you can say that a drop cap is a decorative character at the beginning of the text or paragraph. It has a depth of two or more lines. it is also termed as initials.


How Drop caps look like ?


Where/When useful ?

Now we understand that drop caps are most helpful to attract the readers towards the articles. They are quite used to enhance the text.

  •    Desktop publishing.
  •    Blogging sites
  •    News articles.
  •    Web pages
  •    Online documents
  •    E-books and Educational sites, etc.


WordPress plugin for drop cap:

There are variety of WordPress plugins available to use without any cost. All the plugins are available for free download via the wordpress plugin download feature.

The “Simple Drop Cap” plugin is most popular and easy to use for adding drop caps into your wordpress posts. This plugin helps you transform the first letter of a word into a drop cap or initial letter automatically or simply by wrapping the first word with shortcode [dropcap]. If you want to know more about drop cap, please read this article from Wikipedia.

How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?
How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?


Types of drop caps ?


Using the “Simple Drop Cap” WordPress plugins, you can add 3 basic types of styling options:

#1.  Normal Mode – This mode drop cap looks like below image.

#2.  Float Mode – Looks like below:

#3. Custom  – option to use own own CSS rules.


Steps to add drop caps in WordPress posts!


#1. Install & Activate the “Simple Drop Cap” plugin

How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?
How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?


#2.  Choose the mode (Normal, Float or Custom)

Goto to Settings -> “Simple Drop Cap Settings”

How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?
How to Add Drop Caps in WordPress Posts ?


#3.  Select Drop Cap Color


Settings -> Drop Cap Settings -> Drop cap Color

We have tried our best to prove all the required information in a systematic manner.

Hope you will enjoy. Enjoy the effect of having a drop cap in your posts.

That’s all for now. We will be back with another awesome post.

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